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Jane Hirst

Jane Hirst has a real energy and enthusiasm for working with teams and individuals, and truly believes that a business achieves its potential through its people. Having led Operational areas as well as Learning and Development, Culture and Internal Communications, Jane has not only experienced what makes people tick, but has used this knowledge to enable them to become more self aware, fostering their own resourcefulness and resilience throughout the process. Whilst having excellent people management skills and being able to effect change within the front line, she also has the gravitas to influence and manage change with senior management teams.

Jane’s collaborative style and practical approach enables her to facilitate sessions gaining involvement from all whilst maintaining a focus on the results required.

Professional Background

All Jane’s achievements have been driven though hard work, experience of life and with the help from some fabulous mentors. She took on a number of life experience roles (nanny, running a small hotel in the South of France, Assistant Loss Assessor and HR) before finding that her vocation lay in helping others to be the best they can be and transferring into L&D. Providing excellent customer service has always been a key driver and to understand what the front line were really experiencing she later moved to Operations as Customer Service Manager where she set up and developed an outstanding Contact Centre and Corporate Complaints Unit. Her deep understanding of what motivates and engages people took her from this role to develop the culture for the whole organisation. As a result, she became Head of Business Excellence in 2000 with a responsibility for L&D, Culture, Internal Communications, Recognition and Corporate Social Responsibility.

In 2006, she left corporate life to work with a large variety of organisational clients spanning all sectors. Her work includes many aspects of people development from appraisals and 360s through to customer service, leadership and managing change. She also maintains her involvement with Contact Centres, helping them to establish and monitor best practice for their agents. She describes herself as someone who integrates seamlessly with any business team she works with, who is able to build trust and rapport, yet who is also able to remain objective and unbiased in her approach to deliver results.

Personal Profile

Jane lives in London with her partner. She splits her time between London and North Yorkshire, where she visits friends and family. She has a voracious love for life and is always on the go. She enjoys socialising, cooking tasty dinners, making cards, exercising and going to the theatre.

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