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Peter Jones

Peter is that rare animal, a true multi-specialist, with a clear customer focus and considerable experience across a range of business functions. Having a strong academic science background, he has a particular interest in the process of innovation, and in matching new technology and services appropriately to the needs of customers. Peter has a highly successful track record - often achieved in challenging circumstances - and is a determined champion of team initiatives and consultative change. He has a particular interest in providing SMEs with the means and attitude to become bigger players.

Professional Background

Peter first built a career as a business analyst and project manager in the corporate and FTSE worlds. His client list included Thorn EMI, Logica (then CMG), RBS, CNA International (part of Llloyds of London), Equitas, Sphere Drake, Virgin Media (then NTL), O2 (then Cellnet), Cable & Wireless.

The work was varied, and always concerned initiatives seeking and delivering innovation: new payroll systems, TV advertising, stock control systems, food marketing boards, local government housing schemes, pharma sales, oil rig sales, FOREX systems, global stock custody, one multi-million dollar financial reconciliation, nominal ledgers, the world's first bank account to mobile SMS service, and optimising global customer network pricing (£1.2M).

Local SMEs today find that Peter can help them define their product and research markets, improve their sales dialogue, assess staff recruitment and engagement processes and, if they want to move to the next stage, find ways to isolate and outsource business process.

Peter brings clients a considerable dash of creative thinking, combined with experienced people and troubleshooting skills. His objective is to build relationships, and help decision makers decide how and where to take the next step forward, sometimes suggesting in which direction. He can provide both strategic direction-setting and tactical implementation solutions as needed.

Personal Profile

Peter is married with two children. He is a keen squash player in the Middlesex leagues, and loves to follow England teams in all the usual sporting arenas. He is a devotee of British self-deprecation and humour, and feels it important that we can laugh at ourselves, and also others, when and where necessary.