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Team Development

Team Development and Team Building

Organisations are making increasing use of teams. These are no longer just functional 'teams' but teams of people - often peers or of mixed status - who have to work together to deliver key business results. Sometimes there is a clear single boss, sometimes the team is autonomous and self-managing.

Getting results from business teams does not happen by accident:
The team structure must be appropriate to its purpose

  • The team composition must be right - the right people in the team
  • The team skills and commitment of the members must be high
  • The team must have well-developed and skilful work methods

and above all

  • The climate in the organisation - as well as in the team - must enable the team to perform effectively

We offer help and support in each of these areas, from diagnosing the issues to helping develop approaches which will improve business results through team effectiveness.

We also facilitate interventions in teams which are not working well. The examples below may help to illustrate possibilities - but each situation is different. Call us to discuss your distinctive needs in this area.


Sample Case Studies

Developing a management development programme to promote 'team readiness' across a complex, technology-based organisation.

Facilitating teamwork in a newly-formed team.

Working with a management team in the IT industry to improve working relationships in the team, the team's reputation with its members' subordinates and its ability to deliver rapid and effective change.

Helping a top management team to develop mutual understanding and working practices, and to improve the quality of their Board meetings.