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Performance Management

Performance Management Processes

Some of the key cultural messages people find in the organisations they work for concern the way they are developed and their careers managed. If these things are done in a way that is systematic and feels fair, people respond with higher levels of motivation and enthusiasm for the organisation's mission. But "off-the-shelf" solutions will not do. Each organisation has to find culturally-appropriate ways of getting the best out of its people, whilst managing their development, identifying and unlocking potential, and managing succession and career issues.

Our consultants use their wide experience of organisation life to work with senior people inside our client organisations, building approaches to performance management which add value to the people who make the organisation successful. We have an eye to both the existing organisation culture and that which organisation leaders are seeking to move towards - so the solutions we help to build have a high degree of 'fit' with the organisation's strategy. Where appropriate we can also help the organisation's leaders work out how to change themselves so that they are able to 'walk the talk' of new culture and processes, giving effective leadership for the future of the organisation.

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