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Organisational Change

Helping Organisations Manage Change

Getting both the direction and the process of organisational change right is critical to the future of many organisations. We can help at all stages of the process from developing a clear change vision through to implementation and helping the people in the organisation to absorb the impact of the change.

In this area there can be no one right solution. Every organisation is different and the changes are particular to the circumstances it faces. But well-planned strategic and tactical interventions can support the process.


We can design seminars for managers and leaders to understand the change process and how to manage it with greatest chance of success (and least risk of damage).


We can support the top team in clarifying and verbalising the planned change(s), and in gaining the commitment of the wider management team.


We can offer long-term participation in a change leadership team, adding an informed external perspective including on-the-job coaching for the team.


We can offer tactical support - perhaps running personal "change readiness" workshops for those affected by the changes.

Change initiatives are always highly context-specific.  Although we have provided some sample case studies, we would always prefer to discuss with you examples and ideas relevant to your own business situation

Sample Case Studies

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