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Mark Walters

Mark is energetic, professional and self motivated. For the last 25+ years he has operated as a Management Development Consultant, working with over 65 client companies - many of them household names - across a wide range of industries and around the world. He has been involved in the design and implementation of a large number of management development and organisational change programmes, working closely with senior managers and their teams.

As an example of Mark's consulting work, a pharmaceutical company attributed its 39.7% increase in annual sales directly to his team building & OD intervention with their 50+ middle and senior managers & directors.

Mark has twice been featured in the Sunday Times for team building work with Tektronix.

Professional Background

Working with a wide variety of organisations, Mark has helped senior management determine how to provide the appropriate culture and leadership to support strategic change; this has on several occasions also involved working at different levels of the organisation to achieve change in attitude, focus and skills. He has wide experience of designing & delivering programmes to meet specific needs in such areas as leadership, teamworking, influencing, coaching, counselling, negotiating, facilitation, problem solving, creative thinking, performance review, business development and self development.

Prior to this, Mark gained wide experience of management training and development in a variety of roles and capacities including Training Adviser in the Hotel & Catering Industry Training Board, as Training Manager in a large restaurant chain, and as Group Management Development Manager for United Biscuits, a large British food company.

Personal Profile

Now based in central France, Mark continues to develop his personal client portfolio, as well as serving existing clients.