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High performing organisations which lead change successfully gain competitive advantage by unlocking people's potential.

We help them achieve this.

Performance Management Processes

Getting the design of these key processes right and making them part of the way the organisation does its business releases potential by supporting people's development and by providing a framework for effective leadership. They can also be used as levers to change culture by giving new messages to those working for the organisation.

Managing Organisational Change

Getting both the direction and the process of organisational change right is critical to the future of many organisations. We can help at all stages of the process from developing a clear change vision through to implementation and helping the people in the organisation to absorb the impact of the change.

Team Development & Team Building

As organisations become 'flatter', teams - often self-managing and autonomous - are increasingly relied on to deliver results. But the structure of the teams and the team skills of those involved are critical for success. We help in these areas - and work with existing teams to help them get the best out of being a team.

Leadership & Management Effectiveness

We believe that leadership is an increasingly important function of good management - and that effective management is vital to strong organisational leadership. We use a range of training and development approaches to develop and equip great leaders at all levels of organisations.

Learning In The Organisation

Often it is skills and knowledge gaps that are the key to unleashing the potential of people in the organisation. Working with internal specialists where appropriate, we help organisations build reliable systems which support the entire learning value chain, including the design and delivery of effective solutions to needs. We have special expertise in developing skills such as effective influencing, internal consultancy and negotiation, together with wide experience of designing and teaching more general management programmes.

Facilitation Skills

Much of our work is based on skilled facilitation of individual learning and of various group processes. We are happy to work with company boards and other senior teams as they address change issues of any kind, facilitating their work in regular settings or at off-site events, and contributing an external perspective.