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Our Approach

How we work with our clients

Effective implementation depends on collaboration throughout the project between a consultant's expertise and local management knowledge. Typically, therefore, an assignment goes through the following stages:

Initial meetings take place with key people in the client organisation to allow discussion of the situation, ensuring we understand at the outset what the client wants to achieve.  We then produce a proposal for working with the client on the project, including:

  • A recommended approach to establishing a clear diagnosis of the underlying issues,
  • Some indication of the key success criteria which will enable evaluation of what we achieve and
  • An estimate of the costs involved.

(Often this proposal divides the work into discrete stages, allowing a flexible response to changing circumstances.)

A further discussion, based on the proposal, produces agreement on the way forward, including the best use of both the client's own resources and ours to achieve the desired results in a cost-effective way.

The work takes place using particular consultant(s) selected for relevant expertise and talents (as agreed with the client), and making continuous communication between the client's staff and our consultant team a priority.

At key milestones - and on completion of the project - we review the whole process with the client to ensure that we are continuing to work effectively together and that the client's needs are being met.

On completion we plan jointly for the continuing success of the client, with or without our support as appropriate.