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Transformation Trends

3rd April 2017

This article on organisational change was written for the wider Learning and Development community by Steve Macaulay, Sarah Cook and Richard Smith. It was first published in the December 2016 issue of Training Journal.

Leading Change - Who Do You Think You Are

2nd November 2015

This short paper explores the various leadership roles that impact on the success of a significant change initiative. It identifies the key leadership behaviours and activities required of each, and highlights the importance of all the roles being performed effectively and interdependently.

Evidencing The Value Of Change Management

9th October 2015

In this article, Richard Smith considers why we should attempt to measure the effectiveness of change management, explores some of the difficulties of measurement and offers some sources of ideas as examples and thought-starters.

Getting Better At Change

29th September 2015

Written for senior leaders, HR professionals and others who need to build organizational change capacity and capability, this article introduces an approach, supported by a set of resources, that organizations can deploy to achieve this goal.

Factors That Create High-Performing Teams

19th August 2015

This short paper summarizes some factors that create high-performing teams, and gives some observable indicators for the presence (or absence!) of the factors concerned. The framework it describes is one we have used with success in helping many teams to 'take stock' and plan improvements in their effectiveness. Originally written to support a particular leadership development process, the paper also includes a worksheet format to diagnose the effectiveness of teams.

An Exciting Journey

18th December 2014

The personal journey that led to the publication of the Change Management Institute's 'Change Management Body of Knowledge' (CMBoK) and the practitioner text 'The Effective Change Manager's Handbook'. This informal blog post provides a clear outline of the development of current thinking in the change management discipline. For more information see the Kogan Page 'YouTube' videos on the Resources page of this website.

L&D Budgets In Challenging Times

21st April 2009

This paper explores the critical links between L&D provision and effective Talent Management, offers approaches to prioritising the use of scarce resources and suggests some practical ways to make limited resources go further.

Team Development For Top Teams

18th July 2003

This paper focuses on the specific challenges of developing teams at senior levels of the organisation, and outlines a process which yields consistently good results. This is not a series of games, but a serious and facilitated approach to making senior teams more effective. A brief case study is included in the paper.

Developing Effective Teamwork

3rd December 2002

This paper reviews some of the reasons for effective team working across organisations both from a defensive, reactive perspective, and as drivers of organisation performance. It summarises the relationship between teams and culture change, and outlines some approaches to constructing and developing highly effective teams.