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Martin Hall

Martin is a cultural consultant, trainer and executive coach with extensive experience in Middle Eastern and Islamic cultures. Over a period of 25+ years, he has worked very closely with nationals in over 50 countries and has lived in Turkey, Egypt, the Middle East, Central and Western Europe and the USA. Martin travels extensively in his role for an NGO as well as for his work in the corporate sector.

A highly articulate and influential communicator in a variety of settings from one-on-one coaching to media interviews, Martin has very clear strategic vision and contributes this well in team settings with clients. He has published on “Doing Business with the Brits” and “Living in Britain as an Expat” and is a member of the Archbishop's Lambeth Palace "Islam and Christian Contact Group".

Professional Background

Martin gained his first degree in Cultural Anthropology in 1987, having already worked as a scientific officer in the civl engineering department at Surrey University, UK. He subsequently moved with his family to Jordan to learn Arabic, and then to Alexandria, Egypt, where he established an Industrial Arts Programme. Martin then moved to the USA to undertake an MA programme in Intercultural Studies, with a double specialisation in Islam and Leadership Development. He was awarded the annual prize for “innovative vision and creativity”.

Martin has a highly successful track record selling and delivering training programmes around the world, writing and implementing programmes in the public, corporate and NGO sectors. His work for a global NGO keeps him close to a variety of world cultures, he is an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Wales where he teaches on "Islam and the West", and is on the call list for the BBC for interviews relating to cross cultural training and conflict avoidance.

In addition to English, Martin speaks Swedish and Arabic.

Martin has worked as a cultural consultant & executive coach with over 25 major brand name companies including Boeing, Colgate-Parmolive, Deloittes, Ericsson, GSK, Halliburton, Honeywell, Motorola, PWC & Vodafone. For Balfour Beatty’s South African and British engineers Martin has provided cultural orientation programmes relating to each others cultures and countries and has provided Vodafone with programmes for Egyptian staff being relocated to the UK.

Personal Profile

Martin enjoys spending time with people from various backgrounds: his motto is “whatever you do, doing it with others enhances it”. Visiting exhibitions, hiking or using “Top Table” to find interesting [and affordable] places to eat are all more fun when done with friends, new and old. He also enjoys collecting local “ethnic” art, wood carving, hiking, and personal fitness activities.

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