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Case Studies

Developing Leadership 'Bench Strength' In Middle East Culture

8th June 2015

Using an immersive business simulation to develop a cohort of high-potential local leaders for senior leadership in a growth business. Building the leaders' skills and insight as international business people.

Developing The Role Of Hr Business Partners

3rd June 2014

Working with the central HR team of a European-headquartered f.m.c.g. company to develop the role and effectiveness of HR Business Partners (HRBPs). This included a special emphasis on the skills and understanding of HRBPs when facilitating business team meetings.

Building Strategic Capability In Senior Engineers

8th April 2013

The continued success and growth of a global engineering company hinges on its ability to develop the business and strategic skills of senior engineers. An innovative development solution for these leaders includes a competitive strategic simulation through which strategic analysis tools are developed, and personal leadership and team skills honed.

The Cross-Cultural Merger

13th October 2008

Establishing cross-cultural alignment of performance management processes following an international merger. Engaging Directors of the newly-acquired company in the process.

Global Supply Chain Development

20th October 2004

Developing a learning process in support of a global f.m.c.g. company's supply chain development programme. This initiative targets mindset, culture and leadership in addition to technical supply chain issues.

Organisation Restructuring And Culture Change

31st March 2003

Working with the Board of an f.m.c.g. company to implement a new matrix organisation structure

Team Development For The Board

5th March 2002

Helping a top management team to develop mutual understanding and working practices, and to improve the quality of their Board meetings.

360 Feedback In Role Restructuring

5th February 2001

An overseas bank with a staff of about 300, operating in a niche market in the UK, had undertaken a substantial review of its job structures and pay levels. At the same time a project had been undertaken to identify the key differentiating competencies at all levels of the organisation...

Cross-Cultural Leadership

23rd July 2000

Designing and delivering training for international, cross-cultural groups of key leaders in a multinational company, enabling them to support the organisation's growth leadership requirements.

Restructuring And Reskilling Hr

13th July 2000

Working for a major utility in the UK, we designed a development process to help members of a traditionally-structured HR team adapt to the role of internal consultants.

Experiential Learning For Global Managers

11th May 1998

We worked with a multinational company to redesign some of its international management development programmes, using experiential learning techniques, to make them more involving and practical.

Talent Development In Finance Sector

13th September 1997

Helping a large fund management house to devise appraisal and succession processes which have enabled them to identify and develop high-potential people for the two layers of management below their European board.

Succession Planning For Rapid Growth

30th June 1997

A large, independent fund management house had experienced an extremely rapid rate of growth - a 400% increase over three years! This placed considerable challenge on succession management. Previously the European Board had felt they knew the high-potential people, but now the vacancies and the lack of sound succession information was a business threat...

Effective Team Formation

17th February 1995

Facilitating teamwork in a newly-formed team.

Leadership Team Relationships And Reputation

24th October 1994

Working with a management team in the IT industry to improve working relationships in the team, the team's reputation with its members' subordinates and its ability to deliver rapid and effective change.

Developing 'Team Readiness'

7th March 1994

Developing a management development programme to promote 'team readiness' across a complex, technology-based organisation.