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Tracy Ashton

Founded on 20 years' experience in middle and senior management positions in a sales environment, Tracy has developed into a dynamic and intuitive trainer, offering a wealth of knowledge in sales, management and team leadership at Consultant, Manager and Director level. Her talent lies in building people’s confidence in their ability and guiding them, offering practical support to help them shift behaviours and deliver a positive change in their performance. A great listener, Tracy brings a lot of creative energy to her work, with an adaptable and versatile style of delivery. Each session feels unique and specific to the people in front of her.

Her passion is to provide a safe environment in which people can test new ways of working and leave knowing exactly how to implement personal and professional change.

Professional Background

Her first management role in the early 1990s saw her take on an ailing recruitment business in the South West of England with a remit to reverse its month on month losses and create a profitable operation. It went on to grow into the largest office of the business and led to her promotion to Regional Director.

Moving on from corporate and operational life she began to offer training, designing and delivering courses that would help others replicate her own success. Through recommendations and collaboration with others she built a substantial clientele, based on a philosophy of 'inspire, educate and empower'. Tracy's regular feedback is that her gentle approach, together with her ability to share real life experiences, brings a unique and long lasting edge to her training.

Tracy is a qualified NLP Practitioner accredited through the CIPD, is a member of the Association for Coaching and plays an active role in her local Chamber of Commerce.

Personal Profile

Never one to rest on her success, Tracy and her partner Paul set up a new business in 2010 driven by her other passion - Newfoundland dogs!