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The Effective Change Manager's Handbook (Kogan Page, 2014)

Following the publication of The Effective Change Manager - the change management body of knowledge - there was a need to develop a practitioner/student text which fully reflects the Change Management Institute's professional standards.  This led the APM group to commission The Effective Change Manager's Handbook - a multi-contributor text designed to teach and support professionals in Change Management.  Richard Smith and his editorial team (all of whom contributed chapters to the book in their own right) have produced an accessible and authoritative text written by a multi-national team of authors, each with special interests in particular aspects of change management.

The book follows the structure of the Change Management Institute's body of knowledge, explaining theory and offering illustrations, tools and techniques to support effective change management.  This book is the APM Group's examinable text for their Change Management examinations.  It is endorsed by the Change Management Institute for use by change management professionals globally, and as the official guide to their body of knowledge The Effective Change Manager.  The Effective Change Manager's Handbook is explicitly designed to help practitioners, employers and academics define and practice change management successfully and to develop change management maturity within their organization. A single-volume learning resource covering the range of underpinning knowledge required, it includes chapters on:

  1. A Change Management Perspective  (an introduction to the theory of change management)
  2. Defining Change  (including the links between organization strategy and change, and the development of change vision)
  3. Managing Benefits  (ensuring change delivers value)
  4. Stakeholder Strategy  (identifying, engaging and mobilizing stakeholders)
  5. Communication and Engagement  (communication channels, communications planning and monotoring communication effectiveness)
  6. Change Impact  (assessing impact, manging the risks of change and managing business continuity during change)
  7. Change Readiness, Planning and Measurement  (building readiness and capability for change, preparing for resistance and measuring change effectiveness)
  8. Project Management  (supporting change initiatives within project and programme governance structures)
  9. Education and Learning Support  (an introduction to learning and development theory and practice, and to coaching)
  10. Facilitation  (the role and skills fo a facilitator, preparing and facilitating group process and managing virtual meetings)
  11. Sustaining Change  (using systems thinking to get change embedded in the organization)
  12. Personal and Professional Management  (leadership principles, team effectiveness, emotional intelligence, influencing and managing conflict)
  13. Organizational Considerations  (introductions to the change manager and HR, SHE issues in change, process optimization and finance)

Covering the whole process from planning to implementation, The Effective Change Manager's Handbook offers practical tools, techniques and models to effectively support any change initiative.  It can be obtained from the publishers, from Amazon and from all good bookshops.

Two Kogan Page videos are available on their YouTube channel:

The link below will take you to the Kogan Page website, where users of Richard Smith Associates' website are offered a 25% discount on the price of the book.  Use the discount code RSAECMH25 when prompted at checkout.  This code is valid until 31st December 2016.

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The Effective Change Manager (Change Management Institute, 2013)

Change management has emerged over the first decade of the 21st century as a critical competence for organizations.  The Effective Change Manager was published in 2013 by the Change Management Institute, a leading independent global professional association of change managers.  It was based on their research with over 600 change professionals across 30 countries which led to the development of their professional competence model and related accreditation.

The Effective Change Manager is a 'body of knowledge', which means it is a document produced by a professional association to describe and define the knowledge required for effective practice of that profession.  It was designed for change management practitioners, employers, authors, academics and anyone with an interest in this growing professional discipline.  It sets out clearly and accessibly the knowledge base which underpins change management at its best.  Organizations who base the selection and development of their change mangement professionals on this book can be confident that their change capability and competence is securely-based, and are likely to achieve successful change.

Richard Smith Associates were directly involved in working with the Change Management Institute to develop The Effective Change Manager.  As part of his role as the APM Group's Chief Examiner for change management, Richard Smith led the team of authors who wrote this body of knowledge.

The Effective Change Manager can be obtained from the Change Management Institute, from the distributors (TSO) or from Amazon and other regular bookshops.

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