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The Effective Change Manager's Handbook:  Video 1 (less than 4 minutes)

This video was published by Kogan Page in early 2015.  It features Richard Smith, lead editor of The Effective Change Manager's Handbook, and provides a helpful introduction to the book.  It answers four questions posed by the interviewer:


Video 1 explains the 'heritage' of the book from research by the Change Management Institute (CMI) since 2008.  This research identifies what practising Change Managers across 30 countries actually DO.  From this secure base it tracks the development of a competence model for Change Managers, through the publication in 2013 of the first global Change Management Body of Knowledge to this book, which is fully aligned with that Body of Knowledge.

The Effective Change Manager's Handbook:  Video 2 (less than 7 minutes)

Published at the same time as Video 1, this video outlines the content of The Effective Change Manager's Handbook.  It explains the relationship between the book and the various change methodologies.  The interviewer asked Richard Smith for comments on three aspects of the book: